Lord you are here

Lord you are here. Here in this moment, here in this place. Not yesterday, with its memories Not tomorrow, with its potential But here now TODAY This hour, this moment, this second Present, near, alongside, within Here now. Lord you are here. Here in this moment, in...

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Now I’m 64! A birthday meditation.

As a teenager I loved The Beatles and sang along with everyone else, ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty four?’ I doubt that the Fab Four could even contemplate themselves what it would be like to reach such a milestone back then, although...

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Let the train take the strain?

Those who live in the UK will be familiar with this slogan advocating the benefits of travelling by rail, and normally it is true. I love train journeys, and often use the east Coast mainline to travel from Doncaster down to London, and then on the Kings Cross. On a...

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Swimmer at Nongsa Point

In the distance a lone swimmer Gliding effortlessly through the China Sea At one with the ocean, an oriental mermaid Relaxed, confident, at ease. The rhythm of her arms carries her forward, Left, then right; left, then right, Hardly a splash, barely a ripple...

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Security Alert

I was flying recently to Belfast from East Midlands Airport.  I arrived at the check-in desk in good time, only to be told that the flight was cancelled, and that we would be taken to Birmingham by coach to join a flight from there.  We were directed to another...

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Spilling my coffee

I was driving home yesterday from the south of England and stopped at the service station for a short break. I ordered my usual coffee and a toasted tea cake, and sat down to read the newspaper and for a well earned rest and – an ideal way to relax! I was engrossed in...

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Flying and catching

I have been reading biographies of some of the great Christian leaders who have influenced my thinking over the years – people like A.W Tozer, John Stott, Watchmen Nee and most recently, Henri Nouwen. I love to learn about the details of their lives, to see how God...

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The blessing of God

On 1st January 1951, shortly before he was imprisoned by the Communists, Watchmen Nee gave to the church a New Year message on the significance of God’s blessing as seen in the miracle of the loaves. He wrote: ‘All service is dependent upon the blessing of God. We may...

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RSS Daily Bible Verse

  • Psalm 85:2
    You forgave the iniquity of your people; you covered all their sin.


One of the best ways to enjoy your Bible is to use some form of daily Bible reading notes that not only suggest a passage for you to read each day, but also supply you with a brief comment to help you engage with the passage. Why not try NEW DAYLIGHT from the Bible Reading Fellowship (www.brf.org.uk)? I am a regular contributor to these notes and feel they have some great writers with a balance of viewpoints. If you enjoy longer times to spend with God, or like to plan your own Quiet Day, why not try QUIET SPACES, a devotional guide designed to give you material to use yourself, however you want? Also available from BRF.