Rhythms of Grace

 The aim of the seminar is to provide participants with an understanding of why contemplative spirituality is important, and to help them practically to begin to apply some of the insights to their own lives.

It covers such topics as:

  • The Need  – why evangelical and charismatic spirituality often results in people being ‘driven’, and how a more contemplative approach can help to create a better balance in life and ministry, and bring us closer to God.
  • The Call – a look at the contemplative strand in Scripture, especially in the life and teaching of Jesus.
  • The Way – an examination of the 3 key ingredients in contemplative spirituality : stillness, silence and solitude.
  • The Means – practical steps we can take to enjoy more of God’s presence : reflection, Bible meditation and contemplation.
  • The Challenge – practicing the presence of God in the midst of a busy life.

Approximate teaching time : 6-8 hours.

A Pathway through Midlife

It has been said that midlife is potentially the most spiritual phase of life for both men and women. It is a time for many of deep soul searching when we evaluate our lives and prepare ourselves for the second half of life. Many questions naturally arise. Is my life what I thought it would be? Do I want to continue to live in this way? Does God have something more for me? Why do I have so many questions about my faith? Am I losing my way?

Midlife can occur anywhere from 35 to 65, and most of us need some outside help in navigating the choppy waters of this crucial life stage. This seminar will help you to understand the issues involved, consider what the Bible has to say, and provide some space for you to reflect on your journey. It will be suitable for anyone who wants to honestly assess what is going on in their lives.

The Call to Abide

Based around the words of Jesus in John 15, this seminar is aimed to teach participants the importance of abiding in Christ as the basis for spiritual fruitfulness, and practical ways by which this can happen.

It cover such topics as:

  • Living with a purpose and bearing fruit for God
  • The intimate relationship between the Vine, the   Vinedresser and the branches
  • Seasons of the soul and the work of the Vinedresser in our lives.
  • The heart of it all – abiding in Christ, and the exchanged life
  • Practical keys to abiding :  depending on the life within; soaking up the word of God; responding in obedience; resting in the Father’s love, enjoying intimate friendship with Jesus.
  • The fruits of abiding  :    answered prayer; increased joyfulness; a grace-filled community.

Approximate teaching time : 6-8 hours

Working from a place of Rest

Designed with active lay people and busy Christian workers in mind, the aim of this seminar is to teach participants how to work with God, not just for God. It aims to prevent burnout, and restore the joy to Christian service by recognizing that it is God’s work, not ours.

It covers such topics as :

  • Beating burnout  :  the causes and cure of burnout from the ministry of Jesus, and his words in Matthew 11:28-30
  • Working from a place of rest  :  the pattern of ministry if the lives of Jesus and Paul, and how God wants to work in us. Characteristics of working from a place of rest.
  • Bearing fruit the natural way  : what we mean by ‘fruit’, and the BIG lesson of brokenness that enables us to abide in Christ and experience the exchanged life.
  • To run and not grow weary  :  knowing who God is and understanding ourselves from Isaiah 40. Coming to en end of ourselves, but being renewed in God.

Approximate teaching time : 4 hours, but better in the context of a full day, where there is time for reflection and personal application.

Mentoring for Spiritual Growth

A basic introduction to Spiritual Direction, from an evangelical perspective.

  • Spiritual Direction – some definitions
  • The philosophy behind it
  • A distinctive evangelical approach
  • Four key aspects of maturity
  •  How Soul friends help each other
  • Qualities and skills of a Soul Friend
  • The Process of Direction
  • Awareness of God
  • Common themes in Direction
  • Group Spiritual Direction

Approximate teaching time  :  6-8 hours